The "What's Playing" App for Denon DJs

Enhance your DJ live stream with a continuously updating display of what's playing on your Denon DJ console.

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OBS support 🎬

Easily integrate with OBS using browser or text sources.

"AM" mode 👀

Hide and unhide tracks right from the DJ console.

Track art 🖼

Capture and display the same track art as seen on the controller jogwheel.

Themes 🎨

Create your own custom theme or use one of the included.

Multiple destinations 🎯

Support for WebSocket API, Webhook API, OSC, CUE, Discord, and generic file destinations.

Hold delay ⏳

Prevent triggering premature track detection while cutting and scratching.

Metadata cleanup 🛁

Title and artist metadata a mess? Use advanced regular expression capture groups to extract the good stuff.

Spotify codes 🪄

Display the Spotify Code of the currently playing track.