Why share? ✨

Posted December 27, 2022 by Matt Hite ‐ 2 min read

Why share what's playing with djctl?

Displaying information about the music currently being played is a great way for streaming DJs to engage with their audience during a performance. Not only does it increase excitement and foster a connection with listeners, sharing what’s playing helps expose listeners to new music and artists – a critical aspect of a DJ’s role in the music industry!

To share what’s playing, DJs often use on-screen graphics or overlays created with tools like OBS or XSplit and customized to match their branding and style. To automate this process, DJs can use specialized applications like djctl to connect their Denon DJ equipment and streaming software, allowing them to show song details such as the artist, track name, and album artwork in real-time as they perform.

When I first started developing djctl, it was to “scratch my own itch.” Similar tools at the time were too unstable, unpredictable, or missing important features. Most importantly, none of them were focused on Denon DJs. As djctl has evolved, my mission has remained the same: to provide a tool specifically designed for the Denon DJ experience.

If you are a Denon DJ, my hope is that you can use djctl to create a meaningful connection with your audience by sharing the music and artists you are passionate about. Keep sharing what you’re playing, DJs!